Who We Are

We are a non-denominational church located in the neighborhood of Sellwood in Portland, Oregon. Paradox Church was originally a church planted out of a Calvary Chapel (formerly Nexus Church) in which God has done remarkable things. In some ways Nexus Church was a season of learning. It has been a time of figuring out who we are and the specific mission that Jesus has called us to.

We believe Paradox represents who we are and the community we want to create. A paradox is a statement with two seemingly contradictory ideas that are actually a truth. Christianity is filled with apparent paradoxes. Christianity at times is challenging to comprehend. Therefore we create space to live in the tension of the paradoxes we see in the Bible. 

Neighborhood Church

Where the local church lives out it’s faith together, it makes up a geography large enough to be present in our places of work, where we hang out, gather in community, etc... yet small enough to be known as a character within it. 

We love Sellwood, therefore we aim to be a church that understands the heart beat of our neighborhood, to make a tangible difference in order to help it flourish for all people.