To our City, Christianity seems like a paradox that isn’t true and is a complete contradiction to the worlds set of values and beliefs. As we study the scriptures, we find that many of the teachings of Jesus in and of themselves were paradoxical and it is from them in which we draw our values.

The Paradoxes

Jesus. Jesus is both fully God and fully man at the same time: The implications are staggering. Jesus, understands what it's like to be human [e.g. joy, sadness, depression, etc.] If He's God, not only does He understand what it's like to be human, He has the power to save and change lives.

Community. We are simultaneously the most connected-disconnected culture on the planet: Christianity offers deep and authentic community that's diverse and transformative for individuals and communities. 

Neighborhood. We live nowhere and everywhere at the same time: We desire to dig deep roots to collectively help our neighbors, neighborhood, and city thrive for everyone who lives in Sellwood and beyond. 

Simplicity. Less is more We seek to keep things simple. That informs how we live our lives.

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