Our gathering is center around Biblical practices such as prayer, worship, searching the scriptures and celebrating communion.

Our desire is to also create a welcoming atmosphere where people who do not believe in Christianity feel welcomed and loved. Learning from people who do not believe the same things we do is something we greatly value, we seek to foster this is by regularly engaging in conversations and allowing space for a multiplicity of voices with the hope of respectful dialogue with everyone.

No matter where you are coming from in life, whether you are hopeful, sceptical or just curious about Christian faith, all are welcome. Together, we expect to be surprised, healed, challenged and changed as we learn about the person of Jesus.

SUNDAYS | 10am


What To Expect:

Bible - We find value in engaging the Bible to understand it’s meaning and implications for our life. We regularly open up our time for discussion and Q&A to make this process more engaging for everyone. 

Music - For thousands of years Christians have responded to hearing the Bible by singing. It is a time for our community to respond and express the greatness of God as well as to reflect on what we hear and sense God is speaking to us.

Communion - Each week, time is devoted to remembering Jesus’ redemptive work on the cross to save us and bring us back into not only right standing with God but back into relationship with Him.

Community - As people are seeking something to belong, we aim to create a culture where people from all different backgrounds and beliefs can participate in deep, life-giving relationships.

Generosity - We believe that Jesus has been remarkably generous to us by giving His life and by giving us salvation, therefore, we want to be a generous people.